Club Dues:

The cost to join the Pocatello fencing club is $325 per semester to be paid by October 1 and February 1.  Cost for the entire year, if paid in full by October 1, is $550.  Monthly payments are available.

Financial restraints are not a reason to miss out on fencing. If costs are an issue, other options are available.

There are discounts for families that have more than one child fencing.

The United States Fencing Association (USFA), who provides our insurance, requires that ALL club members become USFA members as well.  It is very important that anyone who attends the club (as a fencer) MUST have this USFA membership.  This ensures that our insurance remains valid.  There are two levels of USFA membership: Competitive ($75/yr) and Non-competitive ($10/yr).  The non-competitive membership can be upgraded later if needed.  Becoming an USFA member can be done online at  Additionally, a competitive membership is required to compete in the Y14 and older age groups for the Utah-Southern Idaho Epee league, the Utah Youth Foil league and all national events.  Most beginning fencers only need the non-competitive membership.

Club Fencing Philosophy:

Competitive fencing is based on mastery of the “basics”.  Without these fundamentals, progress will likely plateau far below an individual’s potential (and quite likely below their expectations).  Once the basics are perfected, individuality will be encouraged to take advantage of the fencer’s unique personality and physical attributes.  Being a successful competitive fencer is more than just repeating a fencing action.  The complete fencer understands the rules and the strategy of the sport and has learned to prepare for competition.

Critical Basics:

  • Footwork: Advance, retreat, lunge, ballestra, fleche.
  • Distance
  • Blade work:
    • Offense: simple and fundamental compound attacks
    • Defense: Lateral and circular parries (4,6, 8 and counter 6)
    • Riposte: direct and indirect

Coaching Philosophy:

Our coaches’ job is to:

  • Help the student develop realistic goals that still challenge him/her.
  • Provide the technical knowledge necessary for the student to achieve his/her goals.
  • Provide the student with safe environment that allows him/her the opportunity to reach their goals.
  • Remain flexible and adjust my teaching to the best fit the individual student and to fit
  • The changing abilities and goals of the student.

Club Rules:

Safety is our primary concern.  Students will be expected to follow instruction from coaches including, but not limited to, always carrying their fencing weapon pointed down, NEVER face an opponent with a weapon if the opponent does not have a mask on, always wear the required safety equipment, and no running around the gym with a weapon.  Also, the facility that we are using has rules.  We WILL obey those rules and respect their property.  Students will remain in the gym except to use the rest rooms or get water.  No other reasons are valid for roaming around the buildings.  Students who do not abide by this rule will be asked to leave so that they do not jeopardize our use of the gym.

Links (the National Organization) (good resource for general fencing info) (the vendor where we do most of our business…but there are many others as well)

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